Lots of rods on the decks

Walking down the dock this morning, one of the most obvious differences you could see was the number of rods scattered on every deck.


They all looked like Mike Iaconelli's deck, who routinely has 20 rods laying out. It wasn't that bad, but every guy seemed to have 8- to 10-rods strapped down. In a normal event these guys like to be more secretive.


There's an old adage that the guy with one rod on his deck is the one who has it figured out.


But who can figure out any secrets with that much laying around?


And if all those rods were secret, it would take half the morning to get them out of the box. It was so obvious, I had to ask Paul Elias and Davy Hite what was going on.


"I'm catching them from 2-feet to 20-feet and every where in between in a lot of different ways,'' Hite said.


That became more obvious when we  got on the water. We've followed about five anglers and each one of them is doing a variety of things in a variety of depths. It will be interesting as this tournament progresses how many of those rods will be culled to the rod locker by the final day.

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