Getting dunked

We’ve move uplake a bit to just south of Arroyo Diablo on  the Texas side of the lake. We’ve seen boats buzzing all over the lake. No one seems content with what’s happening, which is a whole lot of nothing. No one seems to stay in one place for morethan 10 or so minutes. We’ve caught up with Morizo Shimizu, who’s drying out after taking a dip in Falcon’s green algae-covered water. “I was trolling and hit a stump and I just went it!” In another unusual happening, Shimizu is throwing the old upside-down rod, or spinning tackle. He’s drop shotting a Bait Breath soft plastic. Jonathon VanDam just passed us heading north, so perhaps the dam bite is either dead or never happened. Or, maybe he’s sacked ‘em and is practicing for tomorrow when the dam bite will be difficult.