Dust storm at launch will make for an unusual day

I just showed up to the take-off area. There are a half dozen anglers who have their boats in the water. True to form, Rick Clunn was the first to launch.


This could be a day where none of that matters. The wind is howling, as strong as we've seen it.


None of these anglers are in their boats. They are all inside a truck. Outside, the dust is so thick it's hard to breathe.


I've been to take offs in snow storms, sleet storms, one hail storm and a bunch of regular old storms. I've never covered a tournament in a dust storm.


Starting out to be an interesting day. The wind is so strong, there is a possibility of either postponing the start or canceling the whole day.


The dust is one thing, but one local nearby said he's seen it like this before and it creates 12 footers near the dam.


If they fish, waves like that would be the death blow to Kieth Combs, if he could even get there.


If they cancel, Rick Clunn and his fans would forever be thinking "what if."


Don't know how this will turn out. But it's going to be an unusual day for sure.

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