The dam crew

We’ve left the dam, and it was pretty quiet. Jonathon VanDam and Fletcher Shryock seemed to be working together, being mindful of each other’s line. However, they were still maneuvering around each other, negotiating the other’s boat. JVD has gone to a big football jig. We saw Stephen Browning up the lake a bit, and in his words, he’s “ still trying to come off this egg.” In other words, he still has yet to catch a keeper in this derby. Kevin Hawk is fishing within sight of the dam and has a small keeper. He’s fishing way up shallow in some scattered grass and buckbrush-looking trees.


There are also mesquite trees littering the bank. Biffle just buzzed past us, running into a creek. With Falcon laying north and south, these guys down here really need to milk the dam and other exposed areas for all they’re worth. When the wind blows from the north, the waves get to the point where a bass boat will get swamped in a hurry. It’s unfishable. Unless he’s got an ace up his sleeve in shallow water or protected area, Combs really needs to extend his lead today.

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