Combs in the heat of battle


As we idled toward Falcon Dam, we found Keith Combs in the heat of battle. He was hunched over his gunnel trying to keep a 7-pounder from jumping. She went airborne a few times, but after several dramatic minutes he boated the bass, which gives him a total of 19 pounds for three fish.


As I was talking to colleagues last night, the consensus was that Combs might have a better shot at a win that Clunn with the postponement. Of course he’s leading at the moment, but there was speculation that if the anglers did fish yesterday, Clunn would be the only one who could fish his best areas. Combs and Evers would likely get into trouble if they tried to run the gantlet of huge waves from the 40-mph gusts, while Clunn would be left to crush the fish that put him in contention.


As it turns out, yesterday was postponed which gave Combs’ and Evers’ fish a rest (fishing by the dam is impossible in high winds) while Clunn’s fish were hammered by locals. The young Texas pro is off to a good start. He’s feeling good and confident.

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