Combs, Clunn, Crews top 100 pounds

With Monday's largest bag of 29-7, John Crews topped the century mark with 103-13. Just missing was Josh Bertrand at 99-2 after a stellar 27-2 bag.


Others close to reaching it were Cliff Prince (18-14 Monday, 95-9 total), Edwin Evers (15-11, 94-10), Brandon Card (19-13, 94-5), and Jason Williamson (17-6,94-2).


Second-place Rick Clunn's 23-2 final day weight topped it to the tune of 105-6, and Falcom Slam winner Keith Combs brought in 28-2 for his total of 111-5.


All remained far back of the 132-8 Elite Series weight record set by Paul Elias five years ago on Falcon.

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