Clunn biding his time, protecting his water

Rick Clunn is biding his time. He might also be protecting his water. As each boat passes, he glances over his shoulder. He’s lobbing a Luck “E” Strike Freak deep-diving crankbait around some trees near the launch. Alton Jones is nearby and isn’t on the same caliber fish that Clunn is, but John Crews is about a half-mile south of Clunn, and he is catching the same class of fish. If the weather reports are correct, the water down by the dam will be nearly unfishable with winds in the 30-mph range. This would mean that Prince and Combs could be washed out. Clunn’s spot is a protected cove that will be coveted by all who have run south in the open areas of the lake. He already told me that he’s not looking to cull any more. “It’d have to be pretty big,” he said.

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