Cameraman shuffle

Barnum and Bailey catch of the year:  Slo-mo camera guy Wes Miller is trading places with Zona. TV cameraman Rick Mason is also in the boat with Combs.


At one point, all four are in the boat.  Combs then hooks up with a big bass -- not well hooked on the big worm. He's walking it around the boat, directing traffic and trying desperately to land it. Somehow he gets it done, a 7.5 pounder with coverage by two cameras in the boat plus Zona shooting Basscam and Darren Jacobsen in the boat with me shooting stills. We will get that to you soon so watch this space. Combs with two keepers now approx. 12-8 at 9:15 am.


We've move to Josh Bertrand now a few miles away.  He has two in the boat for about 8 pounds.  Zona hops in.  Josh says he thinks its a little bit more of a grind today and he's  going  to stick it out here.  Picks up his Carolina rigged Senko and a couple casts later has a four pounder in the boat.  This  is a notoriously good stretch on the Mexico side, according to Zona---and Josh is happy here. On to Evers who is not far from Bertrand--a mile or so.  He is on the C-rig, too, with 5 small ones in the boat. Ten minutes after Zona jumps in the hooks an exceptionally mean 5 pounder. In the boat after much jumping.