Big bass on the border

There's no better way of celebrating Falcon Lake than seeing, talking about and catching its enormous bass. Take a few minutes to read what Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine had to say about the renowned fishery.


Big Bass on the Border

Falcon is so hot, anglers can follow the smoke to the lake.
By Larry D. Hodge

A constant struggle takes place along the Texas-Mexico border, with millions of dollars at stake.

It’s a classic example of yin and yang, the dynamic interaction between seemingly opposite forces that are, in fact, interconnected and interdependent, one giving rise to the other. It’s not so much a struggle to win as a complicated dance of coexistence, a performance of life.

Falcon International Reservoir is the stage.

The anglers zooming around the lake armed with stout fishing rods spooled with strong line are more than just the audience for this performance. They are also part of the cast.

They are here to do battle with fish.

Big fish.

Big bass.

Read the rest of the article and see the big bass here.

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