Berryman predicts fireworks at Falcon

Maybe one day all of us bass fishing writers will learn to ignore the
"poor-mouthing" that occurs every Wednesday during registration for an
Elite Series event. All the talk was about how Falcon Lake was so much
tougher now than it was then. Some of that is true.


But it's still the best bass lake in the North America. Dick Berryman
knows that better than anyone. He lives here now. Berryman and his
late wife, Penny, who died last September, are legends in this sport
and deserve a separate story. There will be one later today on


But for now, it's interesting to hear Berryman's take on the current
state of Falcon Lake:


"There guys hit the lake at the best time they could have possibly hit
it," said Berryman, during Thursday's weigh-in. "We're going to find
out what's here. These guys are good, you know.


"I think the bite turned-on three days ago. All the locals have been
talking about the fish suspended in the river. And everybody I know is
getting more bites in the last three days than they have in the last
six months."

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