Young fans say 'Go Edwin'



Blake Burd, Trent Flanagan and Brayden Burd watch the anglers blastoff. (Mike Suchan photo)


Bass fishing fans come in all shapes and sizes.


Brothers Blake Burd, 14, and Brayden, 11, and friend Trent Flanagan, 14, had a 3:45 a.m. wakeup call before an hour and a half drive to from Collinsville to the 7 a.m. Classic launch in Grove.


It wasn’t unusual that all of them said their favorite angler was Oklahoman Edwin Evers.  But Flanagan has another connection – his mother’s cousin is Shannon Evers, Edwin’s wife.


With that connection, it’s no surprise that this is the fifth Classic for Flanagan. His buddy Blake and his little brother were being initiated.


“We were going to take out a boat, but it’s a little too chilly,” said Blake, who added that they would begin fishing some tournaments this year.


The trio stayed relatively warm in their hunting clothes, and while it was old hat for Flanagan, they all said the experience was awesome. And they can’t wait for the weigh-ins.

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