A Whole New World


It’s going to be incredibly important for Cliff Pace to put a couple bass in the livewell early today. As he mentioned yesterday, he’s running a patience pattern, getting only 7 bites a day.


That’s all well and good when expectations are low, but if things are going slowly again today, he’ll be fighting the “I’m letting the Classic slip away” feeling all day.


Pace didn’t fill out his limit until the afternoon yesterday, but Terry Butcher (on the War Room) kept saying he wasn’t worried about Pace. He said nobody fishes calmer than Pace and that he’d eventually get the bites. That’s exactly what happened.


But Pace will be dealing with a lot more non-fishing factors today: boat traffic, helicopters, pressure, etc.  His boat was about 5 feet from the stage where angler after angler came up and were asked about Pace’s “nearly insurmountable” lead. That’s hard to ignore.


He already asked Mike Suchan, who is going up in the helicopter for another aerial gallery, to keep the helicopter high because he doesn’t want to mess up the bite at the mouth of Horace Creek where he is starting.