A whole lotta nothing

A dreary calm has come across Grand Lake. We've spent  time with Bobby Lane, seen Jeremy Starks and are now on Edwin Evers in Big Hollow, but each reports that the fishing is as slow as it's been throughout practice and Day One. "The day after a front moves through typically isn't that bad, it's the second day that shuts 'em down. I didn't think that these fish cared, but apparently they do." He caught four fish in a hurry on a Berkley Flicker Shad but fruitlessly cast a jig as well. "There was one stretch of bank that was great then they just shut down. I'm going up the river here in a bit." He caught a 5- and a 3-pounder there yesterday with 8 minutes left to spare. Evers is currently fishing in Lane's footprints and is also not catching anything at the minute. The slow bite seems to be lake-wide.

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