Welcome to Day Two


According to weather.com, it’s colder, but not colder his morning. Yesterday at this time it was 25 but feels like 17. This morning it’s 23 and feels like 23. Maybe it’s my extra layer, but it doesn’t feel like the cold is creeping its way toward your skin this morning.  It’s quite pleasant.


If you missed any of the coverage last night, here’s a recap:


Find every photo you could ever want here.


Michael Iaconelli and Cliff Pace are tied for the lead, or as Mike Suchan would write: Keeping Pace with Ike.


Ken Duke wraps up Day One nicely with his 10 takeaways from Day One.


Trey Reid highlights former champions and the reigning AOY who struggled on Day One.


Ike puts Friday in the books.


Chris Lane talks about his zero – he didn’t have a single bite.

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