VanDam Caters to Crowd


There are good days to be the most popular angler on the planet, and then there are some not so good days.


From what we can tell (and what it looked like at the bump station, although I couldn’t say for sure), Kevin VanDam only caught four fish today. When you’re as competitive as VanDam and the Classic is within reach, catching one short of a limit is not going to leave you in the best mood.


But the fans (hundreds who showed up to watch these guys bump their fish) don’t know and/or don’t care that he had a bad day at work – they want to see him. They want autographs and they want photos.


There were so many people surrounding VanDam’s boat as he rode to the bump station, it was bogging down the entire process. To VanDam’s credit (and the delight of kids and adults alike) he smiled, and signed and catered to as many people as he could during the 10 minutes he was in line.


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