Time management

Tournament fishing is a game of time management. From keeping a lure in the water to being in the right areas at the right times, an angler's ability to manage his time on the water plays a crucial role in his success.


Time management carries over to dry land, too. It's been interesting to see these contenders working hard after they trailer their boats each day. Te fishing part of the day may be over, but the work continues. As the anglers made their way to have their fish checked by B.A.S.S. officials, they waited in a line of boats and trucks. But nearly every angler used that down time to prepare tackle for tomorrow. They were stripping line, tying on lures, stowing rods and performing numerous other tasks.


It's especially important this year because of the 1 1/2-hour drive to the weigh-in in Tulsa. With that much time on the road and time spent at the BOK Center (it's not just about crossing the stage and weighing fish; most anglers spend an hour or more doing media interviews and signing autographs and such), every minute of tackle prep is important.


"Every little bit helps," Marty Robinson said as he stripped line and spooled a reel while waiting to check his fish Saturday. "It just helps you get finished up so you can get to bed at a decent hour."