Storming the, Christie rather

We left Evers and Ike and found what looked to be an amphibious assault force floating and staged for invasion. Upon closer investigation, it was just Jason Christie's army of observers. There are at least 50 boats following him and when the group gets fired up and headed Christie's direction, you could just about asphyxiate from the two-stroke motor fumes and darn near get swamped in all the wakes. However, everyone is doing a good job respecting Christie's fishing holes and keeping their distance. There's no telling how many boats will be on him tomorrow and the following day, assuming he makes it to Sunday. He's fishing bluff walls on the main lake as well as docks and retaining walls.  He is throwing what appears to be an old Smithwick Rogue, but it might be the new Smithwick Perftect 10, the newest incarnation of the Rogue stickbait.

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