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This is the point in the day when “the lull” quickly becomes “check-in time.” The first flight is due back in just under 2-hours. That’s not a lot time, so anglers don’t have the luxury of slowly waking up as the water and bite heat up.  Pretty much across the board, anglers (and Terry Butcher on the Lowrance War Room) have said the bite picks up late.


There are a lot of anglers out there right now that hope that’s true. There are a lot of limits that need filling (Cliff Pace) and upgrading (Kevin VanDam). It also makes this a terrible time for Ike’s trolling motor to fail.


As Pete Robbins blogged below, Iaconelli had trolling motor issues and was changing boats. According to Overstreet (who is on the scene), Ike has moved all of his gear and fish into the boat of Elite Angler Kevin Ledoux. Ledoux, of Choctaw, Okla., was working as a camera boat driver for ESPN cameraman Wes Miller.


We’ll have more on this changeover soon, including a photo gallery that documents the event.