Rojas will be fishing trial-and-error

Dean Rojas has been spending time breaking in his new boat and motor and getting his boat wrapped. Plus, he's getting all his tackle situated because when he leaves his home in Arizona for the Bassmaster Classic next week, his truck won't make it back home until the end of the season.


In this blog post, he told fans that he'll spend his practice period driving around Grand Lake O' the Cherokees, looking for fish. "If I see some, I'll stop and try a couple of things," wrote Rojas. "I fish completely on trial-and-error, from my bait selection to the types of structure I’ll key on. I’m just trying to eliminate water and find new water, hoping to come across the stuff that will let me do well in the tournament.


"I feel like I have a pretty good handle on Grand Lake and how it’s all laid out. I’m excited to get there and am really looking forward to it."

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