Palaniuk leapfrogs Ike into second


This 4-pounder pushed Brandon Palaniuk into second on the BASSTrakk standings.


You snooze, you lose. It’s worse if something breaks.


Michael Iaconelli’s time out to deal with a broken trolling motor and switching boats might be opening the door. Ike said he had the same midday lull on Day One, then things picked back up in the afternoon. He might have missed a bit of it and that’s opened the door for the likes of current BASSTrakk leader Cliff Pace and Brandon Palaniuk, who just climbed into second place over Ike.


Brandon landed a four-pounder to boat 17-15 on the day and a total of 34-9. Pace is just 1-12 ahead at 36-5.


Trey Reid informs us that Palaniuk was pretty juiced with 4-pounder, fist-pumping and showing off the catch.


Things are moving.

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