Oklahomans proud, want Classic back

She's for KVD. He's for Ike.


Bobby and Paula Carter were among the hundreds of fans gathered at the Wolf Creek Park ramp to watch the anglers take out. Oh, they were also at the launch. Inbetween, Bobby said they just drove around.


"I like KVD and he likes Ike," Paula said.


They know how to pick them as KVD has the unofficial lead and Ike is third.


The Tulsans are first-time Classic attendees and thrilled it's here. They'd like it back. Paula even went as far to apologize for the weather and hope B.A.S.S. doesn't hold it against the state.


"We're proud for it to be in Oklahoma. We just hope the weather conditions haven't soiled it. We know it will be better tomorrow and Sunday."


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