Oklahoma fans rabid for bass fishing

Emma Ward is sure to be a fisherman, already exaggerating her largest catch. (Mike Suchan photo)


When asked what her biggest fish was, Emma Ward, 4, from right down the street in Wolf Creek Cove, did an arm stretch of a much more experienced angler.


She, her older sister Gracy, 6, and dad Gerry made a short walk from their home to see the anglers come in. The girls might not understand what's all at stake, but it was pretty neat to see all the fancy, dolled up boats coming in.


Gerry said the girls do fish, and have caught them. Gracy has a 12-inch or so bass to her credit and Emma a perch a scad smaller than what she showed.


"I love fish." Gerry said. "We go to the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield and the one here in town (Broken Arrow)."


He admitted being so close it was hard to pass up just seeing the spectacle, but the Wards do go fishing almost every weekend.

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