No chopper ride this morning


Bad start for me. I was prepared to fly over the Classic launch, had two cameras and my iPhone for Basscams all charged and at the ready, but alas, dangit, pilot Paul Barth determined it was too cold pull off the door and fly.


Barth and cameraman Steve Cassidy recently tried it and found some instruments, including Steve's $500,000 camera, didn't fare so well.


It was disappointing to say the least. Making matters worse, it was a long walk to and back from our Classic media operations headquarters near the launch ramp. Bundled for the 80-mph windchill and lugging two big cameras, needless to say I came back hot.


Adding insult to injury, as I was trying to take an image of the four-deep line of fans I dropped my glasses.


One fan pointed them out and I turned to retrieve them. As I was two steps away, a gentlemen, well a dude with a heavy foot, began to walk and I watched in dismay as his gait took his right foot directly atop them.


They're bent up a touch, and I worried the left arm would snap right off as I straightened it out.


Ugh. I can't be too down -- the Classic is almost under way and I'm warm.


Also, Barth said I can back later today when it warms up. I said OK.

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