Long Faces

Watching the first flight of anglers pull through the bumping station added a heavy dose of reality to what we’ve been seeing on BASSTrakk all day.


For a lot of those anglers – a lot of great anglers – their Classic is over. Brent Chapman, Chris Lane, Skeet Reese, Boyd Duckett, Terry Scroggins, and plenty more, most likely saw their Classic end almost before it started.


Even Mike McClelland who, according to BASSTrakk, did well, didn’t seem thrilled with his day.


“It was a lot tougher than I thought it would be,” he said. “I eventually caught 10 or so, but it was tough.”


Out of the first 20 boats, only two anglers came through wearing big smiles: Jason Christie and Tracy Adams. We didn’t get a look at Christie’s fish, but Adams has four really nice bass and a straggler.

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