Lane had an attitude

Bobby Lane is tired of all the talk about cold weather, especially
when his sunny Florida heritage is mentioned in conjunction.


"The high was 36 degrees [Wednesday] in all that snow," Lane said.

"[Today] is going to be miserably colder. But if you're not used to it
by now, you don't need to be out here. There's a Bassmaster Classic
title on the line. The last thing I'm worried about is the Floridian
in me and some friggin' cold weather. Let's cut the crap about the
cold weather. I can handle that."


Lane has already proven himself in a cold Classic - his first in 2008
at South Carolina's Lake Hartwell. It was sleeting at takeoff on
opening day, and Lane started catching bass shortly afterward. He
finished fourth in the Classic when Alton Jones won it.

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