KVD has shot, but who has not?

Kevin VanDam pulls in a fish during Day One of the Classic. (James Overstreet photo)


KVD has culled up to 20 pound even to take a 2-plus-pound lead over second-place Tracy Adams. Ike and Christie remained tied at 17-8. Hank Cherry is fifth at 16-11, then Jonathan Carter at 16, Cliff Pace at 15-14 and Mike McClelland landed a 4 ½ to jump to seventh.


While the 20 anglers who are shown with more than 10 pounds on BASSTrakk are in the hunt, who are the surprises at the lower end?


They say you can’t win the Classic on the first day, but you can sure as heck lose it. Ok, that cliché is getting old, but it remains true.


Now, BASSTrakk weights are unofficial, and the technology could have connectivity, battery and user issues, so take this with a grain of salt: Who won’t be winning the Classic?


Now there’s still some fishing time to make a move up, but the stunners at the bottom of the standings include Gerald Swindle with only one 2-6 fish. G-Man is the last shown angler at 46th, so seven others haven’t caught a fish. Either that or they dropped their BASSTrakk device in the water.


That includes defending Classic champ Chris Lane. He’s not on the board. What up?


Aaron Martens probably won’t be finishing second again, what with his two fish for 4-0. He’s 43rd. Skeet Reese, a Classic champ, won’t be getting a bookend as he has two for 5-10.


Now there’s still time, and their reports might not have come in, but taken on BASSTrakk’s face value, they’ll be plenty of anglers with no chance after the day is done, especially considering KVD is at top.

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