Just not KVD's day so far

At the bump station on Day One, Kevin VanDam wasn’t totally pleased with his day.


“I lost a big one,” he reported. “I was hoping to do a little better, maybe tomorrow.”


This after leading the BASSTrakk standings then weighing in 19-12 to stand in fourth. That’s not good?


“No, no, no,” the four-time Classic champ said. “I know you’ll have to catch them better than that.”


Well, he was dead on, as usual, but his "maybe tomorrow" hasn’t happened yet. KVD hasn't boated a limit. He's stuck on four fish for 8-9, dropping him to seventh on BASSTrakk. He’s 8-0 behind Cliff Pace’s pace, and filling his limit might cut that to around a 5 or 6-pound deficit.


If he comes in with a big finish in the final hour or so, he could be within striking distance of the lead – what angler would want KVD breathing down their neck on the final day of the Classic?

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