It's Drive Time with Chris

Chris Bowes stands on the BOK Center floor with the nearly completed stage in the background. (Mike Suchan photo)


Practice makes perfect, and that includes setting up the drivers who will be bringing in the anglers and their boats for the Classic weigh-ins in the BOK Center.


Chris Bowes, a tournament manager at B.A.S.S., has the task of making sure the Toyota Tundras will be able to circle the arena floor with ease. They are going through dress rehearsal, making sure each of the four drivers are comfortable.


Getting the rigs onto the floor is a straight shot, but there’s a hard turn upon exiting that has them a touch concerned.


“I just want to run these guys through it to make sure it can be done,” Bowes said. “It’ll be dark and there’s bright lights flashing.”


One immediate issue was a bright floodlight shining out onto the floor from behind stage. “I hope that’s only one when they’re coming out. If not, we’ll move it. It’s better to do it now than running into it during the weigh-in.”

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