Inside Cliff Pace’s Head: Noon

I’m going to take you inside Cliff Pace’s head at the top of every hour from now until it’s time for him to check in. This is just pure guessing/editorializing, in case that isn’t clear, we don’t have the technology to actually get inside his head … yet. At this point, I really thought he’d be celebrating in his head, but this is getting serious.


My last bass was four hours ago, but that still doesn’t mean it’s time to panic. Right? What could I do to go catch a 10-pound limit?


No. I can’t think that way. I have to stay calm and stay patient. The only thing that could make this worse right now would be to abandon what got me here right at the time it gets hot, and always wonder what could have been if I had stayed the course. Or is it worse to not adjust and just keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Isn’t that the definition of insanity?


One spot. Just one flurry. Just one little family or one fat aunt. That’s all I need. Where are they? Am I fishing too fast? What is going on?


No. Stop. Positive thoughts. This lake is full of bass and your next cast will catch a fish. Three hours is a lot of time. Fish in the morning don’t count more than fish in the afternoon. This cast is bass No. 3.


Nope. Next cast. On second thought, this place is dead. Time to move.


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