Inside Cliff Pace’s Head: 11 a.m.


I’m going to take you inside Cliff Pace’s head at the top of every hour from now until it’s time for him to check in. This is just for fun, in case that isn’t clear, we don’t have the technology to actually get inside his head … yet.


Where did all these boats come from? I just want to fish. Maybe the bass turned into boats? No that’s ridiculous. But seriously, where are the fish?


Got to stay calm. Got to stay calm. I can’t forget that I’ve owned Grand Lake for two days. I caught two bass yesterday that would have choked King Kong. Just have to stay patient. I’ve only been getting seven bites a day all week, so why would I get more today. The afternoon is always better. Just have to stay calm.


Where’s the wind!  Weathermen are so full of …


Actually, I don’t need wind. Didn’t need it yesterday. Don’t need it today. What I need, is to stay patient. I will say though, to myself, that it would be a lot easier to stay patient if a couple bass would get hungry for some plastic sometime soon. Heck, I’d eat plastic for a 5-pounder right now.


Stop. Stick to reality. You are one fish away from the Classic. Tune all this other stuff out. It’s just you and the bass. Be patient … Ah, this place is dead. Time to move.

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