Ike sacks nearly 8 pounds in two fish

"A 4-pounder is a good way to start the day," Iaconelli grinned as he deposited a chunky Horse Creek largemouth into the livewell of his Basscat. "I know what I was doing wrong yesterday. I was fishing too shallow. I saw the bait went deeper with the front, but I didn't adjust. Today I put on a stickbait with a deeper-diving bill and look at this, I'm catching 'em now." Iaconelli went on to say that the increase in water temperature is also turning the fish on earlier  than yesterday, he reckons that it's 2 or 3 degrees warmer than yesterday. He guesses his weight to be just shy of 8 pounds in his two fish. Ike's in good spirits today, too. But, who wouldn't be if they were mounting a come-from-behind charge at the Bassmaster Classic.

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