Ike milking Horse Creek and a stinky garbage pile

If gas prices spike in the Tulsa area, blame the Bassmaster Classic. We're in Horse Creek, which is pretty small, but somehow we've managd to cram 50 boats in here, including a police bay boat and a 40-foot cabin cruiser which was blaring '90s rap tunes not too long ago. There's been a nonstop line of boats running full tilt south from us, and we can't see the end of the line. There are some fossil fuels being burnt this weekend. The boat traffic problem is one that compounds itself. If there's a giant cluster of boats, it attracts more boats. It's like a big stinky pile of garbage; you get flies, more flies, and then even more flies, then coons and other critters. As I've typed this, 23 more boats have peeled off the string heading south and are now watching Ike. It's a zoo.

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