Guide Ice

For someone who is in 9th place with 17-15, Mike McClelland had a miserable Day One. Until mid-morning, he could make only one cast between de-icings of his rod and reel.


"It was pretty frustrating," McClelland said. "From 10:30 on, I could make two or three casts. It was that way until the afternoon, then it wasn't a problem anymore."


McClelland tried rods with over-size guides and ones with micro guides.


"I had rods built specifically with bigger guides," he said. "But the ice forms bigger in those. I think the micro guides are better because you can wash the ice off in the water quicker."


The level-wind on baitcast reels ices over, too.


"I've actually checked into making heated rods and reels," McClelland said.


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