Gone with the wind... for most

I'm starting to feel like Johnny Cash: I've been everywhere. We ran almost to the dam this morning and then started making our way back up the lake. We ran into Mike McClelland, who was fishing in a pocket near Ish Monroe. McClelland picked up his trolling motor and headed toward the dam, prompting Ish to remark: "Take all of them with you." He was referring to several spectator boats that were trailing McClelland.


But that flotilla paled in comparison to the next one we saw. We ran into Mike Iaconelli in the mid-lake area, along with more than 60 spectator boats. Ike moved not long after we arrived, so we took off for Honey Creek, where we are now watching KVD -- along with about 70 other boats.


Besides the crush of spectator boats, another observation: There's much less wind today, and it seems to be diminishing the bite for many anglers (not for Iaconelli or VanDam, though).

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