Focusing on health before Classic

What am I doing to get ready for the Classic? Aside from the obvious of sorting through tackle and packing it, I am preparing mentally and physically. This picture is my morning concoction my wife makes me each day with our Nutribullet. That thing is amazing!


People have asked for the recipe. Her mixture usually consists of:

flax seed

protein powder (which is the white bag)

glucosamine tablets

vitamin C packets










(FYI, kiwi leaves a burning aftertaste in the mouth, I wouldn't recommend! And, cucumber made my wife "hurl" in her mouth, there again wouldn't recommend!)


After drinking this, we are down to the basement for some Crossfit. Never been so sore in my life as I am when Robin works me out, but lots of laughing along the way! 


Finally, I had a question about why is Woody on my counter in this picture? My wife has had him there since Toy Story 3 came out to remind us daily that our kids are only young for a little while and to enjoy every minute with them!


Until the Classic, God bless!

Randy Howell

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