Faircloth fishing painfully

Todd Faircloth is having a good day, moving into the top 10 for now, from 24th on Day One. But nothing has come without considerable pain for Faircloth.


Thursday evening, while preparing for the Classic, Faircloth suffered deep cuts in the tips of his right-hand index and middle fingers. He was tossing a boat seat in the back of his truck when the accident happened.


Aaron Martens saw the cuts shortly afterward, and advised Faircloth to go to a local emergency room, where the wait was too long for Faircloth to tolerate.


Faircloth admitted to his buddy Martens yesterday afternoon that Day One had been difficult. It's hard enough just to keep your hands warm enough to function on Grand Lake this week. But the pain and bandages made it particularly tough for Faircloth.


Obviously, he's successfully fishing through the pain.

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