Day is done, time to run

The fishing portion of the 2013 Bassmaster Classic is about over. The anglers have less than 15 minutes left to get back for check-in or be penalized.


Cliff Pace has not caught a limit and it seems to be a three-horse between him, Brandon Palaniuk and Hank Cherry.


After returning to Wolf Creek Park, the anglers will face a nerve-wracking 1 1/2-hour drive to Tulsa's BOK Center, which is hosting the weigh-in portion of this event.


It's certain they'll get reports on what's happened as they drive.


Blogger Trey Reid just called in to say Palaniuk doesn't seem to know he is in the hunt to win this thing. Blogger David Hunter Jones just reported Cherry is done and on the way back.


This will be one of the more nail-biting weigh-ins in memory, especially for these three, and even more so when they hear what each other has done today.

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