Cliff Pace shows out

Cliff Pace shows off two of his fish at the bump station at Wolf Creek Park before heading to Tulsa for the weigh-in. (Mike Suchan photo)


Heading to the bump station, the crowd gathered around the line of anglers let out a big cheer.


Cliff Pace pulled out two of his fish to show the folks, and they responded with appreciation.


“That is one Grand fish,” one exclaimed.


He then pulled out another stout bass. Adding up the first two, guesstimated at around 5-plus pounds each, plus the other hog, and three of Pace’s fish should add up to well into the teens. He also has two more.


BASSTrakk only has Pace at 14-13 today, 3 ounces back of unofficial standings leader Mike Iaconelli’s 36-8 pace. Could the Petal, Miss., angler have put it to the pedal today?


Perhaps. Yesterday, Pace was off the radar as BASSTrakk only had him for around 15 pounds, and he weighed in 21-8 to tie with Ike. Did Pace’s Marshal once again short-change him?


Check out the weigh-in to find out.

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