Cherry loses a big one

Cherry is back at the start of his milk run of several bluff walls and ends. He's lobbing a Lucky Craft Staycee 90 and a Megabsss Vision 110 with a blue back and clear/chartreuse sides. There's intensity with everything he does; he knows a half-million dollars is on the line and that he needs one more kicker to feel better about his chances. The 1 1/2-hour ride back to Tulsa will be agonizing.


What we just witnessed was even more painful.


His rod jumped, bowed, then Cherry sunk to his knees, and the fight was on. The fish led Cherry around his trolling motor, back to the outboard, then to the middle of the boat where he began to reach for it. The fish made another surge for the front of the boat, and Cherry jumped up, then flopped on the deck and reached for the fish.


His line went limp.


"Aaaaaahhhhhh!" He screamed as he hit the deck face-down. He laid there on the deck of his Skeeter for 30 seconds or so motionless. I've never seen such emotion in a tournament. It was dramatic, as well as heartbreaking. That could've been a $500,000 fish.

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