Cherry on fire, jittery and frozen

I just climbed on Cherry's boat and had a chat with him.


"Anywhere the winds blows, that's where you're catching 'em. Plus, they're up in 3 feet of water," he said.


He then had his Marshal open up his livewell to reveal a 6-pounder.


"I wonder if I should pull it out separately at the weigh-in," he said as he grinned. "Oh, yes," the Marshal and I replied. He then hunched over in obvious pain and spread his fingers and palm out on the deck.


"I got really cold this morning, and with my hands in the water culling, my fingers and hands are locking up on me. I had it kinda rough this morning, but it was just first-day jitters. I'm glad that my son's going to be at the weigh-in today, it'll be the first time he's ever seen me weigh-in."


This is quite the venue to see you old man weigh some fish for the first time, and with the way Cherry's been fishing, it likely won't be his last visit to the Classic stage.


Also, bait color was key. He's throwing a Megabass110+1 and a a regular 110 in a sexyish sort of color. "If it wasn't that color, you weren't getting bit."


He just caught a 3-pounder that was barely hooked, which culled his 2 1/2 and as he released the smaller fish he said "I'm done."


"Really?" we said. "Yes. I'm going back to fish around the dock."


He's doing an interview with Robbie Floyd at the moment as he tends to his frozen hands. With 30 minutes of f ishing time left, he reckons he's got 20 or so pounds. He cites his arm hand and back pain, which came one after a slip off the bus the night before, as the reason for calling it quits.

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