Cherry on fire

The scene around hank Cherry's boat is bedlam. I don't know how he  can focus on fishing.


More and more boats are pouring in by the minute, there's a helicopter several hundred feet away, he just talkd to Zona for 5 or 6 minutes, there are people on shore keeping pace with him and there are three cameras on him.


However, he's super intense. Not a minute ago, his rod doubled over, he knelt to prevent the fish from jumping, and I could see his rod tip shake as the fish's head shook. You could feel thet intensity. He fought it for about a minute then stood up and yelled "Gosh!" and gyrated his upper body in disappointment.


Drum. He hastily yanked the rough fish into the boat, tossed it back in and got back to casting. That kind of intensity shows that he knows exactly what's going on in this Classic: he's got a chance to win.


Robbie Floyd just showed up to interview him. Cliff Pace's bite turned on later in the day, but Cherry's bite is red-hot. The wind is hammering these main-lake points and the sun has been warming them all day long. Fish are moving into this area and the others like it that he's fishing. This finish could be wilder than Charlie Sheen's bachelor party.


About a half hour ago he caught a 4 1/2 pounder and a 5-pounder, left the area and two anglers sat down and immediately began fishing the spot. Sure you can do it, but it shows a complete lack of class and respect.