Catch 20 a day and hoist the trophy on Sunday, Part 1

Classic catch predictions usually go a little something like this: (1) When the location is announced, bassers everywhere (except those in the state selected) ask, "Why would they have it there? We've got a lot better lakes than that!' (2) After the buzz dies down a little, the voices of the anglers from the area selected are finally heard: "It's a good lake. It's gonna take 60 or 65 pounds to do well." (3) Then the local pundits (who rarely fish the lake) chime in: "It's one of the two or three best lakes in the country. When it's right, it takes 40 pounds a day just to make a check. A friend of my nephew-in-law had 35 pounds there the other day and they flat refused to weigh his fish because they knew he wouldn't be close to the money." (4) When practice finally rolls around, expectations are often so high that the competitors think they need a lot more weight to do well than is actually the case. The quest for 25 pounds a day becomes the search for 20 and then the hope for 15. Eventually, the best daily catches you're hearing about are roughly 16 pounds. More in a moment.

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