BASSTrakk phones getting updated

As everyone at B.A.S.S. is ramping up for the Classic, Matthew Dowd is uploading apps to 55 individual phones.


The app is a new version of BASSTrakk, a system fans have come to rely on as a method of keeping up with their favorite anglers during competition.


Dowd, B.A.S.S.'s senior technology manager, has spent countless hours over the last several months adding enhancements to the system. The new Android phones will be easier for Marshals to use, and they will permit the Marshals to communicate more easily from the water.


Another feature of the system is the new map fans will be able to follow on Fans can watch all anglers or choose to watch only select ones. Fans will be able to see where their angler is fishing, how many fish he has in the boat and what he estimates the weight of his bass are.


The new BASSTrakk will go live during the Classic on Grand Lake O' the Cherokees.


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