Almost missed Big Show

Running down lake toward the dam, we nearly passed a small inlet before we saw Terry Big Show Scroggins in the back checking out a huge woodpile.
The place is called Twin Coves, and both are babies, maybe 100 yards deep. Scroggins worked the docks on both sides before exiting to his next locale.
Before we could get moving, defending Classic champ Chris Lane flew by. Seems these guys are running around doing last-second spot checking.


Not far down lake we came across Dean Rojas along a gravel covered shoreline. Moments later he's up and running but stops again a short distance away near a dock. Less than a minute later he's on the move again to another spot. Rojas stops again a hundred yards away at another dock.


With little standing timber in the water, crappie anglers have sunk numerous brush piles and sometimes they hold some nice bass, too.

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