Funniest photo of the week

Photo by web dude Chris Mitchell


So this is what happens when you try and help your roommate, in this case Paul Elias, get water in his bag so he can put the fish he caught into it and bring them safely to the stage.


It sort of backfires…literally…with lots of folks seeing the water going the other way.


Laugh…it’s okay man…I did myself when I saw it.


I put it on Facebook, got tons of comments, mainly to do with the fact that it looks like my prostate cancer surgery worked, “…hey db, I see your stream is back….,” kind of thing.


And I laughed, too.


But then I thought, if it takes humor to reach you…I will do it man, do it in a heartbeat if it helps save you.


Dudes, prostate cancer is nothing to fool about, it will kill most of us if we let it, but it is an easy fight for us to take on…if we get regular prostate checks.  There are a lot of signs things may be going south, down south there….including a decrease stream…unlike this photo.


A simple PSA test saved my life…someday soon, I will match this photo.


Please…look at this photo…laugh…then send it and this message to all your guy friends…and their wives…prostate cancer is nothing to laugh about, BUT, caught early, like mine, you have an excellent chance of leading a normal life.


Ignore it, and it will kill you.


Please get yourself checked.


But it is a damn funny photo…


Love wins,



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