Where the Elites are fishing

Here is my best knowledge of where boats are scattered.  Report from the lockmaster 3 boats locked down river through Jones Bluff.  Two boats are in Tallassee on the Tallapoosa, which by the way, is unheard of around here.  Per our bloggers a good many boats below Jordan Dam and below Bouldin.  Others scattered in between.


Looking at generation from alabamapower.com from Logan Martin down all dams will be wide open with generation the next two days.  What is not projected is a schedule for flood gates which really is dicey.  Below Jordan dam can drop real quick if the flood gates close.  Bouldin does not have flood gates.  It was constructed in the 60’s and basically is a big ditch with no navigation affected by water levels.  On the Tallapoosa no floodgates have been going just a higher than normal flow due to recent rainfall.

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