Water levels and Lowen has company

The water levels on this entire river system are extremely high -- about 10 feet higher than usual, by most estimates. That's creating a lot of current which most anglers said they were looking for in this tournament. The lower limbs of trees along the riverbanks are dangling in the water and the Elites along the ride here were fishing those areas hard. Our boat driver said the high water makes the bank ledges fish from 8 to 18 feet deep. The weather is warming quickly and is expected to be in the low 80s by noon.


Koto Kirayama has joined Lowen in this canal near the Bouldin Dam. He's fishing about 250 yards away from Lowen, but is basically fishing the same area. No word on what he has, but we're going to sidle up and inquire, if we can. Looks like he has a heavy jig that he's working slowly and just letting it go with the current.

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