Update from Bouldin Dam canal

Photographer Darren Jacobson, boat driver Mike Noble and I made our long run to the canal that leads to the Bouldin Dam. It's about a 30-minute run from the launch.


Just like yesterday, we found Randy Howell in here. Howell reports he has three fish -- one that goes over 4 pounds and another that's over 3 pounds. He says he has about 11 pounds now.


Edwin Evers is not far from us, but he's out of range for us to see just yet what he's doing.


There were many boats running and gunning on our way up the river. Perhaps the Elites are trying to hit some of their key areas before any rain rolls in. It's expected today, and we're all in our rain suits waiting to see if the nasty weather actually arrives. We'll poke down this canal a bit, toward the dam, and see what the other fellows are doing shortly.

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