"Sick" from school

The kind of water flowing out of the dam has the locals out.

While I watched Kennedy, 12-year old Shane McGinty was casting into the current.

He had a Scrounger rigged up on a Y-rig with some slip sinkers to get it down in the current. Pretty ingenious. But I didn't see him catch one

I did ask him why he wasn't in school?

"I was sick this morning," he said. "But I'm better now."

"Uh-huh" was all I could come up with.

"That boy loves his fishing," his grandfather and chauffeur said.

Obviously. Even more obvious when he pointed to Miller and said "that guy was in the same place yesterday."

I didn't ask him if he was sick yesterday too. I just shook my head, not wanting to consider a 12-year old with morning sickness only when school was in and the water was rolling.

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