Running the rivers


James Overstreet and I have run down the Coosa River from Wetumpka, up the canal below William Bolden Dam and are now in the Alabama River on Paul Elias.
We haven't seen many happy campers along the way. Chris Lane didn't have a bite when we checked in with him in the Coosa.
"I did pretty good in here yesterday, but I can't even get a bite here today," Lane said, before moving down river, where he's since caught some fish.
Casey Scanlon was in the canal and had two fish.
"I'll probably have to go fish the outside bends on the main river," Scanlon said.
Chad Pipkens had two "little ones" when we visited with him in the canal. He said his "swimming hole" from yesterday was up closer to the dam. Pipkens thought he'd missed the cut when he lost a 5-pounder at the boat.
"I had my hand under its belly," he said. "Then the jig came out."
Pipkens ended up falling all the way out of his boat, and his life jacket inflated, "Quickly and with a lot of noise," he said. 
We just saw Elias catch his third fish, which gives him about 6 pounds today. But now he's moved up the river.